With fifteen years' experience in writing, editing and research, I've built up a wide portfolio of articles:

  • 'We have a problem' - How assisted conception works (appeared in Modern Mum July 2006)

  • 'The Air We Breathe' - Ventilation in a newbuild (appeared in Selfbuild Extend & Renovate Ireland magazine)

  • 'I was JFK's bodyguard' - the story of Mick McIlkenny (appeared in Senior Times magazine)

  • 'Focus on Lisburn' - the pharmaceutical trade in Lisburn (appeared in Pharmacy in Focus April 2006)

In addition to: pregnancy and children, wedding features, activities for the over 60s, pharmaceutical issues and building issues, I have also written many articles on various monuments and places of interest in Northern Ireland.

In the late 1990s I also enjoyed writing the 'Debbie Orme' page - a wry, satirical view of the week's events and you can read a few examples of this as well.


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