1. Proofreading Service

    £5.00 per page (250 words)
    We will check your documents for spelling, grammar and correct usage. The end result will be a professional document, which will be free from spelling and grammatical errors and which will allow you to communicate your intended meaning clearly.

  2. Editing Service

    £7.00 per page.
    Your work will be reviewed and, if necessary, rewritten to ensure clarity.

  3. Rewriting Service

    £10.00 per page.
    If you provide us with your draft document, we will rewrite your work to a high standard, which will meet your requirements.

  4. Ghost Writing Service

    £15.00 per page. (for short documents etc).
    Quotations provided for longer works. Using your resource material, we will write up your book, newsletter, brochure or website content.


For international customers, payments by credit card can be made through PayPal. Registering with PayPal is fast and convenient.

For U.K. customers, cheques can be sent by post or deposited into a U.K. bank account.


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